Welcome to Food & Moments Group
A Group of people

The most valuable asset a company has is undoubtedly the intellectual capital of its employees. That is why at FOOD & MOMENTS GROUP we believe in people and the individual creativity that we can turn into corporate creativity, since this is the best way to guarantee a tight-knit, effective team.

Every aspect, from managerial to technical tasks, is carried out with high professional standards, great personal motivation and a clear objective: to meet expectations and satisfy the needs of our customers.

Corporate team: FOOD & MOMENTS GROUP S.L. is run by a group of professionals with proven track records in the hospitality and textile industries. They all have extensive experience in different concepts and a wide range of national and international markets.

Reynaldo Benito: Sole Administrator.
David Carmona: CEO.
María José Lucena: Head of Accounts & Administration.
Oscar De-Vos: Finance Consultant.
Jens Schaefer: Brand Operations Manager.
Nina Magnusson: Marketing & Purchasing Coordinator.
Laura Olías: Administrative.
Edelmira Doblado: Administrative Assistant.
Laura Martínez: Social Media Coordinator.

Our team in MALLORCA:

  • Lulzim Puci, General Manager.
  • Paula Camarero, Assistant General Manager.
  • Laura Remis, Sales & Marketing Manager.
  • Eva Castañeda, Front-of-House Manager.
  • Manuel Enrique Pascasio Colorado, Front-Of-House Supervisor.
  • Miren Vanesa de Ituarte Miranda, Retail Supervisor.
  • Roderick del Rosario, Back-of-House Supervisor.         
  • Albert Marín, Kitchen Manager.
  • Raymond Rollon Balanga, Assistant Kitchen Manager.
  • Laura de la Peña, Administration.

Our team in MARBELLA:

  • Jens Schaefer, General Manager.
  • Gerard Martín, Assistant General Manager.
  • Alicia Grande, Sales & Marketing Manager.          
  • Stella Lobanova, Front-of-House Manager.
  • Mónica Borges Cassandra, Front-of-House Manager
  • Karolina Koszabek, Front-of-House Supervisor.
  • Linda Kriznik, Back-of-House Supervisor.      
  • María Martínez, Adminstration.

Our team in VALENCIA:

  • Jens Schaefer, General Manager.
  • Leandro Dos Santos, Assistant General Manager.
  • Lila Giovanno, Sales & Marketing Manager.
  • Tania Lizeth Garcia, Front-of-House Manager.
  • Concha Navarro, Retail Supervisor.
  • Sergio Calderón, Kitchen Manager.
  • Callum Richardsson, Assistant Kitchen Manager.
  • Irene Verón, Administration.